Skipping Breakfast

Yesterday I was scurrying in the kitchen preparing to go to work. Usually breakfast doesn’t make the cut, but this morning I was pouring a bowl of cereal and heating coffee in the microwave.

That’s when our nine year old girl came up to me and whispered, “mama, I have to tell you something.”

Ok, what’s up?

“Mama, last night when we were watching that sermon I felt like God told me to fast today to pray for all the kids in Africa that won’t be able to eat today.”

If God is telling you to do that, you need to obey Him.

“Ok mama, I am not eating today.”

My scurry paused and I stared at her. She was resolved to be obedient, eager to count the cost, heart broken for kids across the world.

She’s nine. Is this really happening?

She called me at lunch and said, “mama I am weak.”

Eat something.

“But, mama. Remember I told you, God told me to fast today.”

Heart sink. I forgot.

Oh baby, I forgot. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Please.

“Mama, will you pray for me?”

Yes, oh yes.

The God of the universe is in pursuit of my little girl and she’s hearing what He is saying to her. And she’s obeying what He says.

And when she’s weak, she knows her source of strength is Christ so she wants to go straight there.

Later I got home and we were sitting on the porch watching the snow fall all wrapped up in a big blanket together.

“Mama, I don’t ever want to walk away from Jesus. I hope I never make the choice to follow the world.”

Yes sweetie, I hope not either. Can you pray that God would provide what we need.

“He will provide what we need. He always does.  And if He doesn’t, He will have a good reason.”

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