He is knocking

We think we (in our own strength and power and gumption) can live some relentless pursuit of Christ, but the reality is, we live being relentlessly pursed by Him.

He stands at the door of our hearts and patiently knocks and knocks until we open the door and let Him come in.

Does that make you weep? That makes me weep. When I was five years old I couldn’t take the knock anymore, I had to open the door.

How did I hear that knock when I was so little? Only now over 30 years later do I fully understand what a miracle that really is that I heard Jesus speaking to me when I was a little girl.

So many friends I have in their 30’s and 40’s and 60’s have not responded to that knock yet, but He is still there knocking. He isn’t leaving. He’s waiting on them to take the risk and open the door.

Can they hear the knock, but are too afraid of what’s on the other side? Worried of how opening that door will turn their world upside down? Sure that they will have to lose the things they hold so closely? Too secure to let go of control?

Or maybe they can’t hear the knock. The noise of their television never stops. They walk around with buds in their ears listening to music. They surf the internet or engross themselves in their work or studies. They run from one activity to the next and collapse in bed to do it all over again.

Maybe they don’t have silence in their days and the knock is just a little too quiet to break through all of life’s noise.

Relentless pursuit keeps coming. Jesus never stops loving us. He remains merciful and patient. He’s not beating the door. He’s not forcing entry. He’s chilled and He never leaves. He is in no hurry. He will wait.

To know THAT love came after me…

To know THAT love captured me as a little girl…

To know THAT love wants to spend time with me every day…

To know THAT love is refining and changing me to look more like Him…

To know THAT love makes me want to go beat on the doors so the whole world can know THAT love is for them too.

He is knocking. Shhh, listen.

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