I was the wrong person.

I was the wrong person. I felt like God was calling me for something I had no idea how to handle. Which, specifically in this season, is to run a house for women studying the Bible to gather, fellowship, and live.

I’m not qualified. How could I be? I have never led a house! I’m the youngest girl in my family. I’ve never even THOUGHT about what it would be like to run a house with people who aren’t family.

This book came at the perfect time. I brought it and it gave me so much comfort! I was anxious, and fretful, and unsure, and all those other negatives about myself and this monumental task. But so was Jenny! When the going got going, it came naturally to just handle the next thing. And the next thing. And the next! Remembering that God chose the person for the job, so I might as well get with the program! ❤️

I’m in the 4th month of managing this house. We’ve had highs and we’ve had lows, but I know that if I had said no: we would have had none of it. The effect this place has already has had is small, but it’s a ripple in a pond and I can’t wait for what’s coming!

(I still don’t feel qualified, but this book made that seem less like a problem, and more like a God-solution waiting to happen!)

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