The Power of Presence

What if we started forgetting the power of presence?

What if I missed seeing team members hold up 5, during this morning’s staff meeting, because they know their role is a definite 5 (in a 1 to 5 pick)!!

Or I didn’t hug my laundry fairy and hear about her adventures because I stayed at my desk instead of jumping up and going to the back door to greet her?!

Or I didn’t take the phone calls with my friends Billy and Bill who both made me laugh?!!

Or I could have missed my Monday prayer call which would limit me seeing how God is going to move this week?!

Or I could have decided not to pray with Nats on the phone at just the right moment?!

Or not been willing to jump up and go to a girl’s bday party if more people were needed? Because everyone should feel loved all the time, but especially on their birthday!!

Or failed to listen to Maggie explain her upcoming soccer party – which is going to be so American while we unloaded the dishwasher!!

Or missed this opportunity to swing Miss A on a Saturday adventure at LFR?!

Even when we work from home, we have so much opportunity for presence. I caught a bunch, but I still missed a few… I could have ran out on the front porch and greeted my mail lady, or been more excited when Jason walked in with cookies and cream coffee creamer (my brain was focused on something else – but I am excited to try it!!), said a few more thank you’s to team members in the middle of suggesting solutions, or thrown a few more emojis in my text messages.

When I’m with you, I want to be all there, which means I’m not all there with my phone, my emails, or my house cleaning. I am intentionally allowing God to do His work in me so I absolutely pick people over processes, faith over “play it safe,” and big dreams over a mediocre life. If I cannot give you presence, why would you want me around?!!

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