Bench Moment

Don’t miss Jesus moments. They could happen at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams or anywhere!!

We realized a lady left her wallet on the bench so my friend ran to catch her. Another guy asked if we were going to use the bench and I asked if I could grab a quick picture since my name was Jenny.

Then, lots of people started coming for ice cream, so I summed the stranger by calling out, “Friend.” I figured I would sit on the bench for a few minutes and get to know him.

In a few minutes, we knew what the other did, where we lived, how we both loved Jesus, and realized we knew the best man from his wedding.

A bench, eye contact, listening and five minutes.

I even asked him to pray for our son while he was in London and we shared a Jesus story or two.

He asked us how this moment was happening. He never comes to this area of town. We all knew it was a Jesus moment.

He’s actually a very high level attorney for the City of Atlanta and as I was walking away I realized God put him in a very influential position.

As I turned to leave, I turned back to him, looked him in the eye, and reminded him, “God has given you a place of influence, don’t forget or miss any of the opportunities.” *or some variation of that

When I got in the truck I realized, I just told a stranger not to waste his life. An influential stranger. A city leader. Because we sat on a bench, in the middle of a place neither of us frequent, and we became friends.

He’s not better than me. I’m not better than him. We are normal people who both like ice cream. Wherever you are reporting to work tomorrow, you have influence in that space. Don’t miss the reason God has you there. He has a bench moment waiting for you.

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